The Economic Compass

The Economic Compass We are a diversified investment company formed by a group of Pan-Africanist entrepreneurs (Entrecadre) in the pursuit of economic integration in the African and Diaspora.

Who Are We?

The Economic Compass establishment and consolidation started in 2006 to meet the high expectations of local and international clients. The company's business model was dependent on five pillars; Asset Management, Investment Banking and Brokerage which are the core business of the company in addition to the Principle Investments, Infrastructure Development and Real Estate.

What Are We About?

The main reason The economic Compass exists is to build businesses. It has evolved and grown into a significant investment company. After a well analyzed research, we realized that companies are experiencing financial difficulties and we have taken it upon ourselves to come up with better solutions in order to achieve a financial breakthrough and help to improve financial situation of other companies.

Whato Do We Do?

We apply our expertise in building business drive, growth and generate value for our investors. We achieve this by BUYING sound businesses with clear growth prospect, by BUILDING businesses and providing expertise, capital, resources and infrastructure as well as by HARVESTING the value of our businesses through dividends to shareholders, reinvestment of profits, or divestment of businesses.

Tel +27 11 805 6065

Fax +27 11 312 3557

Enabling Success!

Companies which are struggling will have a chance to improve their financial situation through the help of the Economic Compass.