The Economic Compass has evolved and grown into a
significant investment company. After well analyzed
research, the Economic Compass has realized that
companies are experiencing financial difficulties and we
have taken it upon ourselves to come up with better
solutions in order to experience financial breakthrough.
Companies which are struggling will have a second chance
to improve their financial situation through the help of the
Economic Compass.

How does the economic crisis affect

An economic crisis can do a vast number of changes to a large
and small businesses. Since it can take a great deal of time for
an economy to recover, businesses who were affected at the
start of the recession will likely endure the negative effects of
the recession for a longer period of time. As the bad
economy runs its course businesses will have to make
alterations and sacrifices in order to survive.
Small businesses will be the first ones to be affected by the crisis
because they may not have the sufficient funding to
sustain them for a long time.


Our approach to investments

The Economic Compass is a patient investor and we
work with ur businesses over a long term horizon to
unlock value and achieve their potential.

We are disciplined in our portfolio management, our
decisions are based on what we believe is the right thing
to do by our shareholders. We believe that our success is
ultimately determined by how we allocate talent and
capital. The Economic Compass has clear investment
criteria and we conduct rigorous due diligence to ensure
these criteria will be met. Our due diligence identifies.
value opportunities and potential for growth and improvement.

Our investment criteria are based on the Economic
Compass strategic growth framework, which compromises.

Buy acqurring businesses
Three key areas:

Diversity– we seek diversity of investment accross geog-
raphies and markets to spread risk and provides share-
holders with an opportunity to invest in otherwise inac-
cessable sectors.

Scale– Our divisions are expected to meet minimum
earnings expectations.

Value— There must be clear opportunities to realize
potential through growth, improved operations or synergies
with other businesses.

Build-adding value

While our businesses are largely able to govern by themselves they also
operate within the Economic Compass
framework, which focuses on accountablity and measur-
ablity. The Economic Compass provides its business with
expertise, capital, recources, and infrustructure to help
businesses become more effective.

How we measure

Our investment criteria
Diversity of:

– Sectors

– Geographies

– Business risk and opportunities

– Currency exposure

– Divisional grouping according to sector

– Each business is expected to generate a certain
amount of capital annually .

Value growth through:
– Organic growth of our existing businesses

– Learning and acquiring skills from complementary

-lnteracting with other companies which are a part of
The Economic Compass.
– Entering new sectors

Our Key performance indicators
– The Economic Compass Operates under common reporting

framework by which we measure performance .

– As a group , We have made substantial performance
targets which will be regularly measured and reported.